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“Brilliant!” “Comic Genius!” “Funniest Man on Earth!” These are just a few of the ways Josh Edelman’s mother has described him.


Josh is an award winning comedian, filmmaker, and writer. He recently directed the highly lauded stand up comedy documentary “Mentally Al” which was selected as the "Best Comedy Documentary 2021" by The New York Times. He is also the creator and star of “Best Friends! Web Series” which won the Oktoberfest Film Festival in NYC, and is the host of "The Jew Rogaine Experience" podcast. 

As a stand up comedian Josh has been a regular performer at the Hollywood Improv, a top 50 ranked Roast Battler at the Comedy Store, 3 time winner of the #UAreFunny stand up competition, headlined the Electric Comedy Festival 2021, and was selected as one of the "Top 100 Comics to Watch in LA".

Josh is currently touring the country, and has performed at clubs around the country including Carolines in NYC, The Laugh Factory Chicago, Rick Bronson's House of Comedy Phoenix, Loonies in Colorado Springs, The LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas, and many more. 

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